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Fixed Frames clearance sale on all 16:9 Like New & Used Acceptable Condition

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Select between Like New & Used Acceptable Fixed Frame Screens.  USA customers only

All Screens are 16:9 aspect Ratio

  • For more product information.  See the new listing of the item you are considering. 

Like New

The product has been shipped to a customer and they most likely never opened the box, or they just looked inside at the parts. The outside box may be a little beaten up from shipping back and forth. The insides have been checked to know the product is in great condition. (Please no returns, make sure the size you are buying is the size you need) - We will send any parts needed to make this a complete screen. Just contact us if you need anything.

Used Acceptable

This product has been assembled, disassembled and then returned. We have checked all the parts and material to make sure the screen will look great when you install it.  There may be small scratches in the frame, but not noticeable from seating distance.  (Please no returns, make sure the size you are buying is the size you need). If parts are missing, please contact us and we will send out the parts needed.  That screen material will be in great condition.  

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